We all go to work for different reasons.

But how are YOUR personal motivators matched in your current job or career?

Are they being met or is this a contributing factor to your frustrations or challenges at work?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 motivators and what they mean:-

  1. Work satisfaction – each day brings a new challenge at work that generates enthusiasm.  Tasks keep you engaged and the work is fulfilling.  You love your work and are passionate about the job / career / company you work for.  There’s an interest that sparks your appetite for a new day.
  2. Career progression – your ambition to learn and develop new skills and knowledge in your career.  Working for a company that supports your career development and personal growth, you can see where your career can take you and you’re there for it.  You have aspirations and know the direction you want to go in to progress your career, and are keen to do this either in the company you work for or another organisation that will have similar principles.
  3. Security – this motivator supports both financial and job stability.  Your work motivator is about earning good money, a salary that can support your lifestyle.  The other aspect of this motivator is the job security; knowing that you’re happy to stay with the same company, or in the same position for the long haul.  You know what you’re getting and you’re happy.
  4. Recognition – being told you’re doing a great job, getting a thanks or encouraged to take on a new challenge or role in the company, because your manager believes in you; this can be a HUGE motivator.  Recognised for your effort or input towards a big project means the world to you.  This is nurtured with support and encouragement to be creative and innovative.
  5. Social – working with a great team where you all get along is important to you.  Building solid relationships with colleagues that make going to work fun and enjoyable.  You prefer work that provides personal interaction.  Generally, this means making friendships where you arrange to meet outside of work and become dear friends.

So, what’s your personal motivator and is this being met in your work today?

Once you know your personal motivation, this knowledge can really help you succeed in your career and work in a job that inspires and motivates you each day.

“How can I do that Josie?”

Let’s look at an example;

If your top personal motivator is recognition and this isn’t being met in your current job because your manager is micro-managing you.  This my friend is your lightbulb moment.

Remember you always get to choose and you’re the only one who knows what they can and will put up with.

If you know things won’t change and that’ll you have to make the change, understanding that recognition is your personal motivator will help prepare you for your next role.  And don’t be afraid to use this as a question in your next job interview!

There are so many opportunities and possibilities this can take you and your career when you get clear on your motivator.

Let’s put this into some action for you:-

  1. Get clear on your personal motivator (if there are more than one, then prioritise these in order of importance)
  2. Is your motivator working for you in your current job?
  3. If not, what can you do to change this?

Getting aligned with who you are and what you’re about will help you to create a healthier and happier life working in a job you love.

And you deserve that my friend.