Just over a year ago, a dear friend of mine, Michelle Catanach, who was in fact an old work colleague asked me to be part of an idea she had to help women and young girls have a voice. For hundreds of years, women have been treated less than, not just by men, but by women too. They have been violated, abused, shamed, blamed and silenced. Denied their basic human rights. They’ve carried wounds and stories from the past, burdened by labels, told that they’re too much yet never quite enough.   They learned to please, to give away their power. To hide their gifts, and tame the wild woman inside.

As a result they’ve disconnected from who they really are, waging war within themselves and each other, using food, alcohol, sex, relationships and shopping as a way to self-medicate and stuff down the disease of not-good-enough-ness, while pushing and striving to create success in their work and life to prove themselves and their worth.

Michelle asked if I would share my story; my experience of sexism in the corporate world and professional bullying.  Now, this is something I mention during my workshops, talks and coaching but I lightly touch on this subject during those conversations, mainly covering the impact that it had on me but never going into the raw detail of what actually happened.  Until now…

Thursday 8th March is International Women’s Day and with it comes our book; Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass – 26 trail-blazing women share their stories of strength from struggle, turning their mess into their message to empower and inspire their peers and future generations.  These are women united in their mission to create positive change in the world through truth, authenticity and an indestructible knowing that women are worthy and deserving of so much more.

It is part-memoir, part self-help, taking the reader on her own journey of insight, exploration and self-discovery so that she too can awaken to her truth and uncage the wild woman inside.

The road to womanhood is never an easy path, especially in a world driven by ego, fear, and misogyny.

In preparation for the book launch, I was interviewed by Michelle this week where we talk about my chapter and advice on those experiencing bullying or harassment in the workplace.