Success Stories

Meet some of my incredible clients and the results they got from our work together


“Immediately I felt understood, Josie has completely supported me and held the vision for me, which enabled me to take steps towards meaningful action.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am because all of those things have got me on the cusp of me starting my own business.  I’ve made more progress over the last 6 months working with Josie than I have in decades”


“I didn’t come into this expecting this to be a quick fix, but the speed of the change was really unexpected. I didn’t think I would see the benefit of our work together as quickly as I have and I didn’t think anyone else would see the benefit as quickly either, which has been really good”


“I never thought of myself as academic, I failed my GCSE’s and didn’t do well at school.  So when Josie suggested I do the CIPD, I came up with all the excuses why it wouldn’t work.  But Josie gave me the confidence that it’s achievable and possible for me.  It did have results, here I am, module 3 in to my CIPD and I’m doing it, I’m making it happen and I know now that it’s completely possible for me”


“Josie believed in me and helped me to see that I had lots to offer an employer.  Working through the process with Josie it cleared the fog and made me see what I do want.  Remarkably I found a new opportunity straight away and it suddenly seemed lots of opportunities then presented themselves


“Looking back from our early conversations to now, I did achieve milestones that I was perhaps anxious about and can see that I’ve taken those next steps forward in my journey”


“I didn’t expect our coaching to be as powerful as it has been in terms of confidence in all aspects of life, not only in my job.  The impact has been quite significant, I’m now generally a more happier and more confident person”


“I now feel in such a better position to answer the questions of what I want to do because I know who I am and and I know what I’m about. I’ve now got all these tools and information about myself”


You helped me with taking that time and giving me the space to work through and reconnect with me.  The outcome has been great.  I feel really happy with where we got to, but not only that, I’m really happy with who I am and I think that’s one of the biggest things I’ve got from this work”


“You were able to shine a bit of perspective on what I perceived to be a big issue that perhaps wasn’t as big as I had thought.  Through our conversations and the exercises between sessions really hit home for me.  Navigating the complex changes and turbulent landscape at work seemed easier.  That perspective that you were able to bring to me or at least get me to consider was really helpful”


Working with Josie helped to build my confidence, it gave me a chance to re-evaluate my current position.

It surprised me actually, I started the coaching process with Josie thinking I need to get out of where I am currently at work – I was feeling unhappy, burning out, thinking there’s no way forward for me where I am, but actually through the exercises we did, I uncovered that I am in the right place for me.

It is where I want to be.  It helped to clarify what the right fit is for me now.


Working with Josie has been amazing, she’s really provided me with the focus that I’ve needed to take action for the changes I want in my life.

Josie grasped what I was looking to achieve and gave me the coaching support that I needed to get myself where I wanted to be, and has really helped me with what I want to achieve in the forthcoming future.

Josie is a brilliant listener, she keeps you focused and helps you to draw on action points that you can implement straight away.  This really helped me to look at how I want to make changes in my life holistically.