If you’re feeling stressed right now, you’re not alone.

The HSE reported this year that stress at work is on the increase and has been the last few years.   They delved into the biggest reasons people are stressed at work, here they are in order:-

  • Workload is the largest contributor of stress
  • Other
  • Lack of support
  • Violence, threats or bullying
  • Changes at work

Unfortunately this is something I still come into contact with through my corporate coaching and private mentoring.  It breaks my heart to see.

If you’re feeling the pain of workplace stress then stay tuned. I’ve got some of my top tips on how to bust through that stress and bring a sense of zen into your life.  And by that I mean lots of balance.

  1. Ok, tip 1 let’s get clear on what you’re dealing with and the level of stress happening on you right now.  Make a list of absolutely everything you’ve got going on.  Personal, work and any other commitments going on… get it all out on paper in front of you.  This will help to give you back control on what you’ve got to and what’s going on.  From here you can review and determine what needs to be done and put a date next to the task of when it needs to be completed.  Ask yourself if you can pass this to someone else to do, or is it something that needs to be completed by you?
  2. Next, map out your day.  This might seem like full on heavy organising, but trust me this works.  Break the day into bitesize chunks – early AM, late AM, lunch, early PM, late PM, evening – then drop your tasks for the day into each section.  Breaking tasks into bitesize chunks can help take that pressure off you, and give you clear focus throughout your day.
  3. Allow and make some downtime for you – this is so important.  In order to operate and function you need to refuel.  If you’re looking for permission, then this is it.  You wouldn’t get very far in a car with an empty tank, the same applies to you.  10 minutes can make a big difference, but ideally aim for 30 minutes a day.  Go to an exercise class, practice mindfulness, sit and read a book, meditate or focus on your breathing.  Find something that works for you and introduce this to your day.

Know that you can make changes; we adjust to our situation and environment and this includes those stressful situations.  If it’s not working for you and making you ill with stress and worry that you can’t do any more then know that you can change it.

Now it’s over to you, how are you going to turn this insight into action?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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You have the power to live a happier and healthier life working in a job you love; nothing is worth damaging your health or happiness.

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Remember, you’ve got this my friend.