Can you relate to one of these situations right now?

  • For a while you’ve not been enjoying your job, but unsure where to go from here because the job you’re in has got you doubting your ability.
  • You’ve been looking for a job, but struggling to find the right job because you’re concerned you may not be good enough and telling yourself that ‘they’ (the company/employers) won’t want you.
  • Your self-esteem is low because of your job.
  • You doubt what you can offer professionally and believe there are others out there better than you.

Before we delve into the impacts and how to get started, please know that this feeling is more common than you may realise.

70% of UK employees experience these feelings and doubts in their career at least once in their lifetime.  All with different scenarios and experiences, but the outcome is the same.

It leaves you feeling rubbish and questioning everything about yourself and your capability.

Those feelings and thoughts about yourself take up residence internally, and after a while these thoughts become the norm and what you believe to be true.

It’s how you start to see yourself and the loop continues.

Holding you back from making incredible and wonderful things happen for you in both your career and life overall.

Please know that you’re worth so much more my friend.

Your heart, your talent, your skills are what make you the unique and incredible person that you are.  There’s no one on this planet that is, can or will be you.

You are capable and deserve all that is good in both your work and your life.

When you’re feeling these waves of self-doubt and low self-esteem, it’s so important to call out what’s going on for you and why you’re feeling this way.

Facing those doubts head on will allow you to refocus and work on what’s not serving you.

This my friend is where breakthroughs happen; knowing where to start and how to get yourself out of this place.

Here’s 4 questions to get you started:-

  1. What are my thoughts / doubts / fears exactly?
  2. Why are they surfacing?
  3. How do I want to feel?
  4. What can I do to make that difference for myself?

By getting really clear on what’s going on for you and why you feel this way, it’ll give you both the root of the problem and the solution.

Its through this exercise that you can start to see how you want to feel, but most importantly the action you need to take to get you out of the place.

We need your heart, your passion and your talent. 

Please remember that YOU are capable, YOU have talent and YOU 100% belong.