It’s tough.

Having to muster up the energy to head into a job that’s getting you down.

  • Perhaps your boss is making things unbearable for you at the moment and not being supportive in any shape or form
  • Maybe the work you do is not fulfilling
  • Or you’re feeling undervalued and being asked to carry out tasks that are not related to your job at all

Feeling drained as you mentally prepare yourself for what you know is coming and how it’s making you feel.

Will things ever change? Will my boss decide to leave? Or will I be given the opportunity to put my skills to practice?

When will I be able to concentrate on the job I was employed to do and not pick up on the stuff that isn’t part of my role?

Questions that probably run through your mind on a regular basis.

It’s a feeling I remember all too well.

Before here, I worked in the corporate world for 20 years.

As an employee, a manager, a contractor and an interim.  Each job had it’s own unique qualities and I’d find myself saying “I like the work, but the boss is difficult” or “The work is boring, it’s not me or what I’m about, but the team I’m in are great“.

These situations helped me to understand what I was prepared to accept and what I wouldn’t.  Firming up those important work and personal boundaries nicely.

Crunch time came back in 2013 when my bullying boss made my life unbearable.  Every opportunity to belittle me on the spot was his speciality.  In front of my peers and the people I managed, in fact anyone who would listen!  Feeling broken and starting to doubt my ability to do the job, I was a qualified professional with years of experience, I’d earnt my leadership position.  But each day I had to endure that behaviour from my boss, and it left me feeling that I was the biggest fraud ever.

It took all of my might to realise that his behaviour was wrong, inappropriate and completely unacceptable.  To see that nothing was going to change in that job, or working for that company – I had to be the change for me and my sanity.

This change was my catalyst; I had to leave.

Reaching that decision to quit was the biggest relief.  A decision that had taken long-suffering months to realise, it turned out to be the easiest (and best) decision I ever made.  That night, I had the best night sleep in almost 6 months!

My point is when things aren’t working for you in a job, a deeper look into what YOU want and need is the best action and gift you can do for you and your future.

If your job is getting you down and leaving you frustrated here’s what you can do.

  1. Look at the impact this is having on you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Make a note on how you’re feeling and what in particular about your job is making you feel this way.
  2. Can you have a conversation with your boss or colleagues about your frustrations and change this situation at work?  Craft out what you’d like to say and offer solutions on what you’d like to change.  It could be that your boss or colleagues aren’t aware you feel this way, and are fully on board to make the changes you’d like to introduce.
  3. If you know that a conversation isn’t going to make a difference or the changes you suggest aren’t possible, then it’s time to evaluate your next steps and think about where you go next.  This could be your catalyst for change; you’re now clear on what you want and don’t want in a job from your current employment.  That in itself is huge progress.

Situations present themselves as prompts to help you grow and learn.  To evaluate if this is what you want your work life to be about or if you’re ready to make a change.  You always get to choose my friend.

You’re here for a reason.

Don’t let anyone dull your shine.

You were made for so much more.

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