Did you know that humans HATE change?  Fact!

If we’re the ones making the change, then we can become a little more comfortable with it, but in essence we hate change.  We hate it being done to us, it forced upon us and even the prospect of it ever happening in our life.  BUT the one thing we can all guarantee in life, is that change will happen.

So if you’re in a place right now where life feels ok, not great or fantastic, and the thought of making any change happen terrifies the living daylights out of you, or you feel its easier to stay where you are for fear of the unknown, then stay tuned… I’ve got two brilliant questions for you to think about to help you overcome that today.

Let me share a story with you… I was in my late twenties, in a job that had been one of my career goals for so many years.  The job was demanding – working 10+ hours a day, each day brimming with work to do and managing a large team.  My personal life, well didn’t exist.  I was single, living on my own and was married to my job.  That was my life.  My friends around me were settling down and having babies and part of me wondered if I was missing out.  My job was stressful but what would I change?  How could I change it?  It was all I knew.

So, as I entered my 30’s.  The job I’d sacrificed my personal life for, turned against me.  I was faced with redundancy and the fear of the unknown had taken over me.  My life had gone from ‘OK but not great to panic now forced with change’.

I came through it and life was even better than before.  That change that I had put off for years, became the making of me.

If you feel that pang deep about making changes happen, here are a couple of questions to help get you ready…

  1. Make a list of all the things you have in your life at the moment that really bring you joy.  How often are you getting these in your life at the moment?  Get a ratio going so can you see the good things in comparison to the things that make life just ok.
  2. Ask yourself “What if…?” these two powerful words are fantastic.  Whatever you’re unhappy with at the moment in your life, finish the sentence off with that and just take a moment to think how that feels – i,e. What if I lost my job tomorrow?  What if I decided to leave?

These questions really get you thinking, but also help to get your mind familiar with the prospect of change or even that you need to make change happen in your life.

I’d love to hear how you get on with this exercise, so be sure to drop me a note at [email protected]

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