“Have I just been lucky to get this far in my career?”

“I’m not good enough, I’m going to get found out”

“I feel like a total fraud”

All sentences (plus a whole load more) that 62% of UK adults said last year about their career or how they were in the job they’re doing. Perhaps a sentence that you can relate to right now in your career?

Know that you’re not alone and you’re in good company.

At least 70% will experience this at least once in our lifetime.  This is known as imposter syndrome.  I’ve lost count over the multiple episodes I had in my corporate days.

It’s not an illness, or a permanent condition but a reaction and you can overcome it.

Imposter syndrome originates from our life experiences and how we perceive ourselves.

If you’re feeling this in your work life right now, talk about it with your colleagues or peers.  Trust me you’ll open the gateway for others too.  Your brave and courageous action of speaking about something you doubt or question sets the ripple effect to inspire others to talk about it.  And as Bob Hoskins always shared in the BT adverts, it’s good to talk.

Create a file of all the wonderful things people have said about you.  Emails, appraisals, cards etc.  All of the reasons to remind you of why you’re an amazing person and the good work you’re doing, or have completed in the past. So on those tough days (we all get them) you can head straight for that file and remind yourself exactly why you’re not a fake or a fraud.

In your first year of life, as you attempted to stand on your feet and take those first steps did you give up the first time you fell back on your backside?  No, of course you didn’t!  You grow from what you don’t know.  This is true throughout our entire life.  So, if there’s something you’re struggling with or need help or guidance with, take the action to learn it.  You didn’t get this far to fall at the first hurdle.

Remember, you are capable, you do have talent and you do belong.

I’d love to hear how you get on with these techniques in your daily work life, so be sure to hit me an email and let me know.

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