The thought of asking for a pay rise sends shivers down the spine.  It creates a real icky feeling of approaching the boss to ask for more money.

But actually, asking for a pay rise is a real sense of worth.  It’s about valuing yourself and asking for a pay rise is a reflection of the great job you’re doing. It’s only right to reward this.

Unless you’re working in a voluntary position, you go to work for money.  To live, pay the bills and have a quality of life.

In this video today, I’m sharing my top tips on how to ask for a pay rise with confidence.

  1. Do your homework – Take a look on the job sites at similar positions you are doing. Look at the roles, responsibilities and the salary being offered.  I love this website – Randstad – to help check your salary for the role you do and in the area too.  Start to capture your findings in a notebook, or your favourite journal.
  2. Look at what you do in your current job – Write out all of your daily tasks, activities or responsibilities that you’re doing in your current job at work.  Ideally for this exercise if you have a copy of your job description to hand, highlight what you’re doing and make a note of the ‘extras’ you’ve been doing too.
  3. Set a meeting up with your boss / line manager – So my golden rule with this is that pay rise discussions should always happen face-to-face, this puts both individuals at ease when talking about salary increases.  Plus you can gauge how your request is being received and they get to see you shine in your moment.  Drop an email to your boss or line manager asking to set some time up as a ‘1-2-1 review’ or a catch up on how things are progressing in your role.
  4. Pre-meet – Before you step into that room, get clear on what you want.  If you have a set figure in mind of what you would like, then think about what the minimum is you would be happy to accept.  Pull your findings together in a simple bulleted list, so that you can easily find your notes without having to flick through lots of paper.
  5. The meeting – Remain calm, repeat a powerful mantra over in your mind that you’re totally worth this.  You deserve this or you’ve got this.  Our mind likes to jump into the negative during moments where we feel uncomfortable.  During the meeting speak clearly and maintain eye contact.

Every situation is different, it might be from your meeting that you get a slight increase to your salary with a review in 6-12 months, or they may not be in a position to reward your financially but would like to progress your career by placing you on a course to get a qualification, or you could be offered an interim promotion.  Taking this initial step will be the first thing to great things.  Demonstrating your worth, actually displays to your employers how much you value yourself and your work.

Once you’ve watched this, I’d love to hear from you.  Has this given you the confidence to ask for a pay rise?  Will you be taking action in the next few days to start making some changes happen?

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