Psst… want to know a secret?  The secret to getting anything you want is confidence.

True story.

Courage and confidence are what you need to make anything happen in your life.

When we’re children, we are full of it.  But over the years, little dents and chips at what we can do, who we can be start to take its toll.  The doubt creeps in and we question everything.  Situations that we dread take over and we start to step back from putting ourself out there for fear that we will get knocked back, it won’t work out, we may get laughed at, or worse still…. we will get rejected.

This prevents us from moving forward or making amazing things happen.  We are holding ourselves back from doing what we really want and being true to ourself.

In this video I’ve got a great exercise for you to try to overcome that feeling and to give you the best gift of all, your confidence back.

There’s two ways you can carry out this exercise; either see this in your minds eye or if you prefer you can write this out in a journal or a notebook.

I want you to see a situation you’ve got coming up or a conversation you know you’ve got to have that fills you with dread.

Put the confident you in this situation.

Play this out in your mind or write it down.  How will it go with the confident you?

Be as detailed as possible.  Who is there?  What are you wearing?  What smells are around you?  Where are you?  How does the situation go?  What does the confident you say?

Continuously repeat this exercise up to when the ‘real’ situation is due to take place.  You’ll be surprised at how your confident self will make an appearance just when you need them 🙂

This is great for interview prep, job promotion or pay rise discussions.  Difficult conversations with colleagues.

I’d love to hear how you get on with this exercise, so be sure to drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know!

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