Get fun, balance and a good night's sleep back into your life!

Revamp your daily routine from Frantic to Fantastic 

Online Coaching Programme

What if you could take...

That whopping great big to-do list TO bitesize, manageable tasks that you get achieved in a day?

Those work pressures that are causing you stress TO a work life balance that supports both your health and work needs?

Squeezing everything in on the day TO being super organised for the week ahead and relaxed?

Feeling burnt out and frazzled TO having more fun doing what you enjoy?

The guilt of missing out on the things you want to do TO making time for all the important moments?

All with just a few powerful tweaks here and there over the course of 4 weeks?

Here's the Frantic to Fantastic formula that'll get you...


You'll get on top of your day with a super cool plan that will save you oodles of time and stress.

You'll be able to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family without compromising on time.  You'll have others asking "how do you do it all?"

More Time

Yes! I kid you not, you will get more time by following the simple frantic to fantastic formula. Say goodbye to squeezing things in, and hello to enjoying spending time on what matters to you most.

  You'll start to see results in the first week of the course!

Feeling Happier

You'll discover ways on how to recognise what's causing you stress, how to manage it AND how to spot the signs way before it takes over you.

You'll be introducing more fun, self-care and enjoyment into your busy working life and feeling fab as a result!

They did it, so can you...

Thanks to Josie, I received a true wake-up call on myself

As someone who is always working more than enjoying life, Josie has helped to give me back the work/life balance I need.

Josie has given me direction in how I move forward, I am now more clear on my work and personal life goals to restore my life balance.


VIP client - Business Owner

Working with Josie has been brilliant, she’s really provided me with focus that I’ve needed to put actions for the changes I want in my life.  

I was feeling a bit worn out, lacking in energy and lacking focus in what I wanted when I met Josie.  I was looking to put things into action in the next couple of years to get back to who I was, my wellbeing at the forefront, get back to nurturing who I am again and putting myself more as a priority in my life.

 Josie helped me develop a plan that keeps me at the centre; it's simple and easy to follow because it works for me.


VIP client - Solicitor

The Frantic to fantastic course is for you if you're ready to...

  • Lose the guilt on where you spend your time
  • Ditch the stress and overwhelm and get a work life balance that suits your needs and lifestyle
  • Get a better night's sleep and not worry about the million things on your to-do list
  • Get a handle on a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones
  • Stop spinning plates and give your full attention to one thing at a time (100% possible)
  • Make each day of your life count 
  • Find you again and enjoy spending time on the things that matter to you most


Everything is online, no travel required

You can participate from home or work.

All course materials including streaming videos, MP3s, worksheets and additional resources are within our portal that you'll have access to.  

You'll be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with Josie online.

Course Timing

There are 4 core modules inside the 'Frantic to Fantastic' course formula.  We release one module per week.

Each module contains a video, worksheet and support handouts to help you introduce what you've learnt into your life and daily routine.

Learn At your Own Pace

You'll have lifetime access to the materials, so you can go through the materials each week when they're released or you can slow things down and work to your own schedule.

We recommend 1.5 hours a week to watch the course content, complete your worksheets and put your lessons into action.  This timing will vary for each individual.

It's YOUR time my friend, revamp your daily routine from...

Frantic to Fantastic

Lifetime access to the lessons and exercises for you to refer to whenever you need them

About Josie...

Co-author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller – Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass, Josie spent two decades helping companies like Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland and Pearson transform their business and develop their people.  

Developing future leaders through assessment programmes and recruiting teams to work in dynamic environments, Josie stepped down from leadership roles in the corporate world to help other women transform both personally  and professionally in their own work life.

Josie's transformational and personal development expertise, combined with her first-hand experience of professional bullying in the corporate world, has helped thousands of women to flourish and evolve.  As well as delivering training in companies on how to help others manage their wellbeing and to recognise when their personal boundaries are being compromised.

Josie’s proven life-changing techniques have helped her clients to successfully change their job, transition to a completely different career and improve their work life balance that suits their lifestyle needs.

A blogger for Psychologies Life Labs, Josie shares her experiences of working in the corporate world and the importance of remaining authentic in your work life through her blogs.

Josie is super passionate about showing women how they can reach their full potential and believes that YOU can have it all; a job you love and a work-life balance that suits your needs and lifestyle.  

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