Meditations are a beautiful way to calm the mind and body.  Studies have shown that practising mindfulness, be it through meditation or just being in the moment can reduce stress and inject calmness in your space.

This page is a catalogue of mindfulness and meditations for you to enjoy.  

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Audio time: 2:25

This 2-minute guided meditation is perfect for anytime of the day to help keep you focused on what you want your life to be about and working on your goals.

Audio time: 8:24

This guided meditation can be used at the start or end of the day, to help bring answers that may be causing you any uncertainty right now.

Audio time: 3:08

This mindfulness exercise is perfect for bringing you back to the moment; great for easing any worries or stress and drawing you back to the right here, right now

Audio time: 3:48

This visualisation exercise is great for letting go of any worries, thoughts or challenges that you've got going on right now.

Audio time: 2:13

This mindfulness exercise is perfect for releasing any negative emotions from your body.  Upset, anger, frustration or stressed?  This will help you to release from the body.

Audio time: 2:10

This mindfulness exercise is recognising the silence between your thoughts, the gaps that we often forget about.  This exercise will help you to reconnect with those pauses and the importance they play in our general wellbeing.

Audio time: 2:40

This mindfulness exercise is all about calming the mind, recognising thoughts and unnecessary chatter that swirls around your head.  It's all about acknowledge the thought and moving it on, not taking up any further head space.

Audio time: 2:46

Mindful breathing helps to bring the body back into balances; a winner if you're stressed right now.

Audio time: 5:08

This powerful visualisation will create the life of your dreams.  Practice regularly for real results.