Figure Out My Next Move

I wish I knew where I was going in my life and that I had it all figured out

Get the answers you're searching for in 4 weeks!

Learn how you can go from feeling stuck and unsure of what to do, to having it all figured out and well on your way to making amazing things happen in your life.

Is this how you're feeling right now... 

  • You've hit a dead-end and can't seem to find a way out?
  • Fed up of going round in circles and not getting anywhere?
  • Like you're on a boat drifting out to sea; unsure and uncertain of where you're going or where you'll end up?
  • Stuck in life, questioning everything and not sure what to do next?
  • Are you split between a couple of choices in life and unsure which one to take?
  • Feel you've wasted the best years of your life and got nothing to show for it?
  • Know that you've got much more to give and do in life, but not sure what?

You're not alone - I was there too

It feels like there's no way out and over time it gradually starts to become so frustrating.  You start to see colleagues, friends, family members making something of their life - moving forward, being happy and successful with their life choices.  All the while you start to question if you'll ever make anything good happen in your life, that you can be proud of, that you've achieved and feel happy with where you are.

The doubt starts to creep in that you will ever make a change and you'll be stuck here in this slump for the rest of your days. 

You start to find yourself saying excuses like "well, if I had the answers I'd do this" or "I'd like to be able to move forward in my life, but this is going against me"or my favourite... "I'm not ready yet"

We think something wonderful will come along and make the difference for us.

But my friend... You are the something wonderful that can make the change.

You can take control of where you move in your life.  You have all the tools at your disposal.  They just need reminding that they're there and perhaps a little nudge of encouragement to make an appearance for you.


 You're here living this life for a reason.  Your existence here, today, your life has a purpose.  

And when these blips happen, we can lose our way, and if we allow that feeling to progress, it can spiral into a place where we can become stuck and frustrated for years.

I don't want that for you and I'm kinda guessing that's something you don't want for you either.  Am I right?

So let me ask you...

  • Do you want to know where you're going in life?
  • Do you want to be clear on the choices available to you, so that you can make the best decision?
  • Want to stop making excuses and bring those things you dream of to life?
  • Want to feel happier, healthier and loving your life?
  • Feel like you've got your next move in life sussed and figured out?
  • Know exactly what you should be doing?

Wouldn't it be great to have a magic wand and have it all figured out?



I've got my magic wand and I'm here, ready to show you exactly how to get out of that rut that you're stuck in right now and help you figure exactly what your next move should be.

BUT most importantly reminding you that you can do this.

And helping you make that next move happen.

Drum roll please...

I've now officially opened registration to my online 4 week course - Figure Out My Next Move... yay!

A step-by-step guide on how to figure out exactly what you should be doing with your life and how you can then make it happen.

This course is what I've been teaching my clients for years. 

I've wrapped it up in a beautiful online course just for you.

In a nutshell, here's what we are going to cover in the 4 weeks...


How did I get here?​​​​​

In our first week, I'll show you exactly how you got here at this point in time.  

You can't know where you're going until you know where you've come from right?

You'll be taken through a review of where your life is today.  You'll be shown what's working and what isn't.

You'll uncover what needs to change in your life and what you need to build more of in your life.


Clear the Clutter

Be prepared to let go of the things that are no longer serving you.  The things that are holding you back from taking the next step.  Amazingly, our 'stuff' can prevent us from moving forward and will hold us back in making any decisions.  It clears our judgement and makes our path foggy. 

We will delve into the clutter that is weighing you down - physically, mentally and emotionally - all of the stuff you're holding onto that is no longer serving you and preventing you from moving on.

Be prepared to see transformation happen before your very eyes in this second week of our course.


Peel Back The Layers

With all of your clutter out of the way, you'll really start to see your next move on the horizon.

In all of your beauty and glory, I'll show you how to discover what makes you tick and where you're drawn in your life.

Be prepared for lots of 'ah-ha' lightbulb moments in this week!  Everything starts to become clearer.


Make The Move

The essence of your next move - bringing everything together.

In our final week together, you'll get a clear vision of where you're going with a map showing exactly how you're going to get there.

This is the week for firming up your details and finally having your next move figured out.

So how does it work?

If you've finally found the perfect course here that's going to help you, then yay! Make sure you take a moment to celebrate this and secure your spot by clicking the 'Buy Now' button on this page!

Registration closes on Friday 21st June.

You'll then receive an email from me confirming your place on the course - woo hoo!

We start the course on Monday 24th June for 4 weeks, with the last part of the course being sent to you on Monday 15th July 2019.

Over the next 4 weeks, you'll receive an email from me in your inbox with your step-by-step exercises and action plan for the week ahead.

In the email, you'll also receive a video or audio to help you with the exercises and a little extra message from me to keep you pumped on this exciting new beginning for you.

It's up to you how quickly you want to figure out your next move. 
You can do it in 4 weeks or you can work at your own pace, you decide!

 You'll have the materials and steps I share with you for life to refer back on for months and years to come.

Registration is now open!

Registration is open till Friday 21st June, so we can make a start on Monday 24th June.



Start The Right Life For You!

When you figure out where you're going in life, you feel excited, pumped and super keen to make things happen - which is the best feeling ever!

But there will be moments where you find yourself dipping and losing momentum, especially if things start to take a while to come together.  Which is perfectly normal.

So, to keep you on track after our 4 weeks together, you'll have access to my powerful 'make it happen' tools such as visualisations, guided meditations and plans to keep your excitement, focus and determination juices flowing during the times you need it the most.

All sounds good, but got a few questions before you commit?

Is this the right course for me?

Do I need to send my workbooks to Josie?

Do I have to attend a venue or join a call for training?

What if I have questions during the training, how do I get help?

What if I don't get it done in the 4 weeks?

Take a look at what these incredible woman have done from my VIP programme where we use the same approaches in the online course...

Josie has been amazing, she’s really given me the focus I need and the support that I needed to get myself back to where I was and really helped me with what I want to achieve in the forthcoming future

I was feeling a bit worn out, lacking in energy and lacking focus in what I wanted so I met Josie where I was looking to put things into action in the next couple of years to get back to who I was, my wellbeing at the forefront, get back to nurturing who I am again and putting myself more as a priority in my life.

Working with Josie has been brilliant, she’s really provided me with focus that I’ve needed to put actions for the changes I want in my life.

Josie is a brilliant at focusing you as well particularly helping you to draw on action points and looking at how you want to make changes in your life holistically.  One of the things I really enjoyed working with her is bringing in the spiritual side of things and seeing events in my life at a different angle with helping me to be true to who I was and how to stay on the path to really get what I want in my life and in my future.

Natalie  //  VIP Client

I've felt supported to become stronger, more resilient and now know that having fun and feeling happy are vital for my emotional wellbeing

I began to understand some of the changes I could make to help improve my life; this isn't just about work, it's about your whole life, focusing on areas where you wish to change and finding out what's good.

I haven't always understood why I was asked a certain question or asked to complete certain exercises but then it all starts to click into place.

Josie is inspirational with her own journey and successes.  You realise with determination, hard work and commitment, along with lots of self-care that the world is a much bigger that where you are now and feel you might be stuck.  With her expertise, Josie helps you to understand that the answers are in you.

Jasmine  //  VIP Client

About Josie

"I feel truly blessed to be able to help women, who like where I was,  have had enough of being stuck in something that doesn’t bring them joy or who are suffering with their health because their balance is out of sync.  This is my gift and what I love doing every single day."

Co-author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller – Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass, Josie escaped the corporate rat-race and has gone on to help thousands of women to transform both personally and professionally in their work and personal life.

A blogger for Psychologies Life Labs, Josie shares her experiences of working in the corporate world and the importance of remaining authentic in your work life through her blogs.

With an ever-growing client list, Josie’s transformational and personal development expertise, combined with her first hand experience of professional bullying in the corporate world has helped thousands of women to evolve and flourish.

Josie’s proven life-changing techniques have allowed her clients to successfully change their job, transition to a completely different career and improve their work life balance that suits their lifestyle needs.

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