Feel like a pressure cooker at the moment?  Everything that you’ve got to do, organise or sort out is swirling around in your head?

Perhaps you’ve blown the lid off your cooker a few times and others have got the backlash of your steam.

Working under pressure can create an adrenaline rush, which is great if it’s a short term thing but if it sticks around for the long term it can have an impact on our body, mind and everything else in our life… that kind of pressure isn’t good for anyone.

Sometimes, we don’t even know we’re feeling the stress until we are in the thick of it.

If this is you right now, I’ve got some techniques to help you introduce an element of calmness into your life and help you take back control.

  1. What do you need to tweak right now? Make a list of everything that you’ve got going on that’s causing this pressure right now. If it’s at work, look to see where you can re-prioritise, delegate or ask for some help with particular tasks.  If it’s a combination of both work and personal life, what is non-negotiable tasks or situations and see how everything else can fit around these.
  2. What can you learn from this? It’s at times like these we start to see ourselves in a new way.  Take a step back and look at the situation, and think about what you will do differently.  Lifting yourself out of the situation, often helps you to see the bigger picture and honestly can give you peace.
  3. Look after your vessel – your beautiful body holds everything, including stress and worry.  So move it!  Get yourself dancing around the house, or go for a walk, get on a bike, go for a swim or get on the yoga mat.  When we move the body, not only does it release endorphins but actually removes any stress energy lingering around.  Meditation or sitting quietly helps to relax the mind and brings you back to the present moment.  Check out the daily meditation to relax and reconnect that I created here.

Remember, you’ve got this!

Now… I’d love to hear how you’re going to turn this insight into action.  Leave a comment and let me know.

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