It can happen instantly.

All of a sudden you feel trapped, lost and unsure what to do next.

Your heart sinks at the thought of another day at THAT place.  Doing something you don’t enjoy, feeling like a robot because it’s where you’re meant to be today.  Earning money cos that’s what you need right now, and feeling unsure of what to do or where to go from here.

I can TOTALLY relate to that feeling my friend.

That was me many years ago.  It can be soul destroying and seriously impact your wellbeing; mentally and physically.

The good news is YOU can change it.

Here’s three questions to get you started:-

  1. What is it you don’t like about the work you’re doing?  Get clear on what you’re not enjoying or what’s contributing to you feeling lost right now.
  2. What do you enjoy inside and out of work?  Dream big with this one and call it out.  Activities, tasks, interests, passions.
  3. How can you make a difference with what you now know?  There may be a screaming difference jumping out at you right now about how you’re feeling about the job or career you’re in. 

Here are a couple of examples to these questions that you might be able to relate to…

  1.  Hate going into that place because my boss is constantly watching everything I do, I feel I can’t even go to the toilet without being asked what I’m doing!
  2. I really enjoy the tasks in my work, it’s nice speaking to people on the phone and I have a great relationship with my customers.
  3. I’ve discovered it’s my boss that’s causing the issue but I enjoy my work.  It’s time to look for a new job. 

Or you could be this…

  1. It just brings me down heading into that place each day.  The work doesn’t feel fulfilling or even that I’m making a difference.
  2. The only thing I enjoy about my job is getting things organised for the month ahead and taking my home-made bakes into the office on Monday and watching everyone devour them and praise me on how good they are.  In fact a couple of the women have asked me to make some for their grandchildren’s birthdays coming up
  3. My passion isn’t where I’m working, yes it’s paying my bills, but my passion is making my cakes and watching people enjoy them.  Perhaps I need to rethink my current choice of work?

I’d love to hear what insights you’ve discovered.  

Leave me a comment and let me know…

What’s your greatest challenge right now and how are you going to turn your discoveries into action?

Remember my friend, your presence here on this planet is for a reason.  Your destiny is not being stuck in a job that you hate.  You have talent.  You have skills.  You were made to make a difference.