Have you lost track of what day it is?

Life feels unsettling and uncertain as everything we know and love has been flipped upside down.

There’s so much fear and worry right now and what this will mean and bring in the future.

Each day we wake to hear more sad and worrying news in the media.

All the while trying to maintain a ‘normal life’ as much as possible.

You’re doing a brilliant job right now my friend.

We are creatures of habit, which is why we love a routine right?

Before all this happened, you knew each morning what had to be done and you got on with it.  There may have been things that weren’t right, but each day you showed up and did it.

And now, it’s all thrown.

Mashed in with uncertainty it’s no wonder anxiety and our mental health is being greatly impacted.

We’re in unknown territory; an unfamiliar place.

A life without a routine.

If you’ve been finding this adjustment a little awkward or you’re feeling anxious right now I’ve got you covered.

Let’s look to creating a routine that gives you a balance.

Something each day to uplift your body, mind and soul.

1. Your Body; how can you move your body for 30 minutes each day?   Seriously, not only is this great exercise but it can also unleash creativity, wisdom, solutions to problems, shift your mood and so many more incredible benefits.  Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride.  Get the yoga mat out in the living room, or the garden, follow along to Joe Wicks PE workout, blast out your favourite tunes and have a dance in the kitchen.  There are so many ways to get your body moving.  Do whatever you can with what you’ve got my friend

2. Your Mind; Ask yourself the following questions each day…

    1. What two things can I control in my life today?
    2. What am I thankful for?

You still have control on your life.  You can choose how you react or how you approach your day.  Combined with gratitude, this attitude can give your mind that inner peace as you remind yourself of your blessings.

3. Your Soul: Self-care is vital right now.  How can you inject self-care into your daily routine?  This is the food for your soul; the nurture you need to bring balance into an upside down world right now.  Make a list of all the things you can do in your home surroundings that help you to feel good.  If you’ve got a number of people in your home right now, then agree when you need your self-care and what this will involve so that you’re not disturbed.

Remember my friend, you’re not alone.

Be gentle and kind with yourself right now.

Keep riding those waves of emotions – it’s absolutely natural and perfectly normal to feel this way.

Take each day as it comes.

Together we can do this, I’m always here for you.

Keep safe my friend and take care.


I’d love to hear from you.. drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know…

  • How you’re doing
  • Which insight has helped you today and how you’re going to inject this into your daily routine