Consultancy, Facilitation & Coaching

Seeing people thrive in their role and want to come to work is pretty special.

To know they are well equipped to do their job and feel supported as a human being is the ultimate company success.

Working together, I partner with senior leaders to overcome challenges, identify solutions, create a supportive culture, and build effective teams.

Much of my work today is supporting individuals, teams, and senior leaders to become the best version of themselves. I am your cheerleader who will help you believe in yourself.

If you would like to explore how I might be able to support you, your team or organisation, please contact me here – [email protected]

How can you work with me?

Understand your people and improve team dynamics

Working together, I help you to achieve your objectives and enable teams to improve their performance.

I work with senior leaders, teams and individuals to explore what drives people and what motivates a team, or a person in their current work environment using the Management Drives product.

I use this framework with senior leaders and teams who want to: –

  • Improve team behaviour (in the office and/or remotely)
  • Build effective teams
  • Apply 360 feedback
  • Determine their mission, vision and strategy as a business or team
  • Create a culture of trust

How does it work?

Individuals are invited to self-reflect by completing a survey of 20 questions, with their current work environment in mind.  Based on their answers they receive their unique profile, where they become aware of their own drives and strengths and discover what gives them energy in their current role, and what behaviours they display to others at work when they’re under pressure.

Using the Management Drives App, they can connect with others in their team and organisation to better understand each other’s drives and how they work together.

I then bring you together as a team into a session where you convert awareness into movement to further improve the team’s performance.  Working together you formulate an action plan to take you forward and optimise your collaborative behaviour by using each other’s strengths and avoiding pitfalls.  Not on a one-off basis, but continuously, in practice and with permanent results.

Building effective teams and leaders

Working in partnership with senior leaders who want to: –

  1. Nurture their talent and develop their future leaders.
  2. Develop their managers to be the best version of themselves and lead high-performing teams.

I design and facilitate bespoke development programmes and session interventions.

Modular development programmes and sessions can vary for each client, but the approach is always the same.

Understanding where you are and where you want to be as leaders of an organisation; we get clear on the challenges you’re facing and create an approach that’s going to deliver the outcome and results you want to see in your management, teams, and organisation overall.  This is reflected in the session content.

  1. My role as a facilitator is to create the space for participants to self-reflect, look at their own story and how this is playing out in their current role and/or career – where they are.
  2. Together we look at techniques, approaches, and solutions to support them in their role and how to overcome challenges they may be facing and what action they can take immediately – where they need to be.

Throughout our work together, we review, monitor, and assess how participants are progressing and the changes senior leaders are witnessing from the sessions.

Modules available for programmes include: –

  • Exploring leadership styles
  • Strategic thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and confidence building
  • Developing people
  • Managing conflict
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Leading/managing change
  • Managing performance
  • Effective communication
  • Building resilience

Programmes are delivered in workshop style or group coaching sessions; bespoke programmes can be delivered online using Zoom or in person at your office.

1:1 Coaching Programmes

I support middle managers and senior leaders with 1:1 coaching.

Specifically those who are feeling stuck in their career, or struggling with imposter syndrome and confidence.

Individuals who are ready to progress their career, make a change in their career or who want to land successfully in their new leadership role.

My coaching style is supportive.  I’m here to create the space for clients to explore ideas, look at opportunities and empower them to act and get results.

From the very beginning, honest conversations take place to build trust, understand challenges, look at where they are now and where they want to be.  Together we explore ideas, solutions and opportunities for clients to put into practice.  I encourage and motivate to be the best version of yourself.

I work with a framework that focuses on inner work; looking at strengths, understanding motivators, building confidence, recognising triggers and identify techniques and solutions to move forward.  My focus is to build confidence and believe in themselves.

I’ve worked with Josie for years and I am always impressed with her skill in designing and delivering exactly the right support for clients and individuals.  She really takes the time to listen – and listen to what’s not being said too – so that she can get to the root cause of an issue or opportunity and help people make valuable, long lasting changes.  Her breadth of knowledge, emotional intelligence and relatability make her an essential part of my working world.

Nina Metson, Managing Director, Waddington Brown

Josie has worked as an associate for me with a number of my clients where her expertise in insights profiling (Management Drives) has added real value in facilitating self-awareness for individual senior leaders and the team dynamics they want to learn how to refine and improve.  Josie is unwavering in her support, calm, clear, kind, conscientious and dedicated to the development and growth of the leaders she works alongside, and herself, which speaks to integrity and delivery of results – which is something I and my clients value really highly.

Nic Crisp, Head & Heart Leadership

Our ongoing work with Josie has enabled us to identify and accelerate the management and leadership talent within our team during a period of continued growth and organisational development.

It’s been refreshing to benefit from the wide range of industry experience and insights Josie offers us in a manner which is relatable, immediately useful and tailored to our own day to day challenges.

We’re very much looking forward to continuing and expanding on our partnership with Josie!

Ben Seretny, Head of DPO's, The DPO Centre Ltd