Introductory Coaching Session

45-minutes initial session with Josie – £35

If you’ve had enough of feeling stuck, stressed, or out of alignment with what you’re doing for work, you’re ready to invest time and money on yourself and you have an open mind, then I’d love to chat with you.

In this 45 minutes online introductory session over Zoom, we will discuss your current situation, career goals, coaching expectations and to help you decide if us working together is right for you.

To book, select a date and time that works for you below.

I look forward to connecting with you.


What’s it like working with Josie?


“From when we had our intro session, you just understood what I was saying and when you would reflect it back to me, you hit the nail on the head.  You would prompt me to think about things in a way that was really helpful and productive.  My confidence was restored and it gave me a chance to re-evaluate my current position.  I was feeling unhappy, burning out, thinking there’s no way forward for me, but through the exercises we did you’ll pick out they key bits we can do something with and pinpoint how I could do something meaningful with it. 

I absolutely would recommend working with you.


“Working with Josie has been amazing, she’s really provided me with the focus that I’ve needed to take action for the changes I want in my life.

Josie grasped what I was looking to achieve and gave me the coaching support that I needed to get myself where I wanted to be, and has really helped me with what I want to achieve in the forthcoming future.

Josie is a brilliant listener, she keeps you focused and helps you to draw on action points that you can implement straight away.  This really helped me to look at how I want to make changes in my life holistically. 

If you’re sitting on the fence about working with Josie, I’d say get off that fence and just do it.”


“What I’d say is within the first ten minutes of the call that you and I had over a year ago now, the exploration call.  I was of the opinion that you and I could work together when you’d have a really positive impact on myself  at work and that’s played out.  What I probably didn’t anticipate was the changes and the impact you would have on my life outside of work, which to me is more important. 

Would I recommend you?  Absolutely I would.  Anyone who is considering coaching, get in contact with Josie, set up the call, ask questions, find out what’s it’s all about and I’m sure once you’ve spoken with her, you’ll absolutely jump at the chance to work with her and put some positive change into your career and personal life too.”