True story.

Most people will go through their entire life without asking what they want and where they want to be.

Why? Because they’ve been told how to be.  How others expect them to be.  They’ve lived a life taking on other people’s values, that they’ve never given it a second thought about what THEY want.

Guess which area of your life this hits hard?

Your work life.

It’s HUGE in this area.

Either through childhood experiences, personal relationships or work colleagues trying to define your next steps.  And because you’ve listened and taken notice, this has become your take on work or career choices.

If you don’t decide your personal values; and by this I mean what’s important to YOU and how YOU want YOUR life to be, don’t worry others will call them for you.

Living a life to someone else’s expectations or values will leave you feeling icky and out of balance.  It’s not who you are.  It’s not what you’re about.

If this is sounding all too familiar for you, then I encourage you to think about what YOU truly want.

Here’s 3 questions to get you started:

  1. What do you value most?
  2. What do you really want?
  3. What’s the ideal life you want to live?

These questions are the foundation of your values and how you want YOUR life to be.  Not just in work, but in all areas of your world.

With your answers take it a step further and ask yourself, how is my current job/career fitting in with my values?

Do you need to make some changes or a few tweaks here and there?

Your values protect you from the influence of others; they create your boundaries and define you by what’s most important to you.

Your life, your values, your rules my friend.


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