There’s no doubt about it, this pandemic has thrown everything up in the air.

Life and our work situations as we knew it, have changed.

You might be working from home right now, or currently on furlough.

You could be one of many heading into work and adapting to new measures in place as you maintain social distancing.

Whatever your work situation right now, has it got you thinking about your future?

Have one (or a couple) of these thoughts been swirling around in your mind lately?

  • Will my job be safe?
  • Should I start looking for another job?
  • Not sure I want to be doing this type of work anymore
  • This job / company / career just isn’t for me

Read on my friend, this post is for you.

Let’s look at those first two thoughts; concerns if your job will still be available or safe in the coming months and should you start looking for another job?

Only you know your situation; how you can live and what you’re prepared to do and accept. If conversations are already taking place about the risk of redundancies and job loss, and you’re worried about where to go from here, the first thing to do is get clear on what you’re looking for in regards to your next job.

  • Update your CV with your strengths, experience and what you’ve achieved in your current job.
  • Make contact with local recruitment agencies or head to company social media sites to explore their opportunities section.
  • Set your LinkedIn profile to show that you’re ‘available for jobs’
  • Most importantly, be gentle with yourself.  It’s at these times our resilience is being put to the test.  You can and will get through this by taking action.

If you’re in a job and this time has got you thinking about making a career shift, then this is the perfect time to do your homework.

  • Explore how to get into this career field and look at opportunities where you can ‘try out that career’ before you commit.
  • Research the profession and get an idea of what you need to do that work.

If you’re uncertain what career you want to shift to, but know you’re ready to make a change.

  • Get clear on YOU and what you’re all about;  look at your strengths, passions and values; is there a trend starting to appear?
  • Take it a step further with my free guide 5 Steps to your perfect job here

There’s no one else on this planet, that is, can or will be you.  They don’t have your talents, skills, passions, values all of the traits that make you individual.

Anything you do in your work or life full stop requires determination, imagination and creativity.  All resources that you have and can call on whenever you choose.

But what about making a career shift in a pandemic?  

We don’t know what the future will bring, but this is true regardless of a pandemic or not.

Making a career shift takes time in any situation.  To ensure a successful career change, this requires preparation and planning.  This may take some months for a career change to come together.  But setting the foundations now could massively benefit you in months to come.

Taking action steps can happen whilst you’re working in your current job.  Knowing that you’re working towards something bigger for you and your future, will give you that focus and determination to keep you on track.

Looking for some help?

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