How do you know if you’re ready to change your career?

What if it’s a case that you’re just hating on your job and ready to look for a new one?

Well, let’s get this cleared up for you today and figure out if you’re ready to change careers or change your job.

There’s a high possibility you’re experiencing these symptoms right now:-

  • Suffering with the ‘Sunday night syndrome‘ which involves that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach at the thought of heading into work tomorrow
  • You struggle to get motivated most mornings as you drag your heels into work
  • You’re battling internally with your job throughout the day – hating on the work, your boss, the place etc.
  • You count down the hours to the end of day, or the days to the weekend when you’re not there

It’s these symptoms that lead you to start your quest on looking for a new job.  Because that makes sense right?  You’re not happy and it’s not a place you want to be anymore, so a new job will fix it.

But will it?

What if these symptoms are in fact something else?  What if they’re signs that the career or job you’re in right now, is in fact the wrong career for you.

Let’s take a look to see.

Here are the 5 signs that you’re ready for a career change.

  1. You’ve lost your passion for the work you do – often disguised in the symptoms listed above, this sign will tell you if you’re in the right profession.  Ask yourself does this work light you up?  Do you strongly believe in the work you do?  Is it a profession you want to be in for the rest of your working life?  If not, then this is your first sign.
  2. You don’t feel the job fits with who you are – you’ll have values in your life that you live by and what matters most to you.  When you’re working in a profession that isn’t aligned with who and what you’re about that causes problems.  Ask yourself if your values, and what matters to you most are aligned with your career today.
  3. You feel work is a hard slog and don’t enjoy any part of it – spoiler alert… work isn’t meant to be tough.  You’ll spend a third of your life working.  I say ‘your work’, because what you do professionally is something you must believe in.  You’re contributing to your work by showing up and using your skills and talents to make a difference.  Trust me, you can enjoy your work.
  4. Your body and mental health are suffering – our bodies are incredible at letting us know when things aren’t right for us.  If you’ve recently noticed aches, pains, upset stomachs or changes in your mood or an increase in your stress levels this could be a sign your body is letting you know it’s in the wrong place.  Pay attention to how you’re feeling at the moment; notice any changes you may experience on the weekend to the week, or since you’ve been unhappy at work.  If you’re worried about your health, please seek medical advice to check all is well.
  5.  You feel you’ve got more to give and feel lost with where you are – this is the ultimate sign; you want more than this, but could be unsure what that might be.  You’re capable of more and you’ve got more to give than this job.  This nudge is not to be ignored, you need to explore on what that ‘more’ means for you.

So, how many of the signs can you relate to?

If the majority of these signs are ringing true for you, it’s time to sit down and have a real honest look at where you are and where you want to be.

Making a career change doesn’t have to be scary or painful, but it does require time, research and work.

The Career Change Academy opens for enrolment on the 17th March 2020.  The academy is a coaching course that’ll get you clear on what your career change looks like and making it happen successfully (even if you have no idea on what that might be yet)

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You’re here for a reason my friend.

It’s your time and you’re ready to start working in a job you love.